VAT-free delivery
Cross-border B2C to 27 European countries

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  • Registration-free
  • Tax-free
  • Liability-free
Onboarding one-time 3,450 EUR plus transaction fee

VAT-free deliveries to
all EU-27

VAT-free deliveries
all over Europe

  • Registration-free

    You don't have to register in any EU country.
  • Tax-free

    Your outgoing invoice will always show 0% VAT throughout Europe.
  • Liability-free

    There are 0.00 EUR foreign tax debts in your bookkeeping.
  • Audit-free

    ClearVAT frees you from tax audits abroad.
  • Worry-free

    We deal with tax rates, exceptions and the frequent changes. Your VAT rate is always 0%.

8,065 merchants are already

  • ClearVAT does our EU taxes - we'd rather take care of the art.
    Dr. Vanessa Moos, Managing Director

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all of Europe

We abolish VAT in Europe
For e-commerce merchants in cross-border B2C deliveries

You take care of business!

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Our service - your advantage
All included

  • No waiting times for tax refunds

    ClearVAT frees you from lengthy waiting periods for tax refunds from foreign tax authorities on returns
  • One contact person in your language

  • Detailed overview of all orders

  • Only one reconfile per day

  • 24/7 service hotline

  • Intuitive dashboard

ClearVAT vs. OSS - the comparison

Easy integrate
Our free plugins and APIs

Plugins and integrations

SAP Hybris eClear PlugIn
plentymarkets eClear Plugin
Magento eClear PlugIn
Magento2 eClear PlugIn

APIs (also available as API reference)

SAP R/3 API-Service


  • ClearVAT Plugin
    Free of charge
  • ERP and large system plugins
    (e.g. SAP)
    Price on request
  • Onboarding
    3,450 EUR (one-time fee)
  • Commission fee
    You will receive an individual offer from us.
    1.25% - 4.75% of the GMV
    (gross transaction value)
  • VATRules
    Up-to-date tax rates and rules
    Included with us

Our expertise
Tax Advisors

Carsten Buchwald
Head of VAT Consulting

Ask Carsten
  • With ClearVAT, do I no longer need to register?
    That's right!
    You don't need to register abroad at all. Nor, by the way, do you need a local tax advisor.
  • Do I need to know the tax rates and all the exemptions for my products in all countries?
    We know the tax rates for more than 80 million articles in 27 European countries including all exceptions - that means about 1.2 million unique product codes (eClear IDs).
  • How do I book the deliveries?
    It's easy!
    Our VAT experts will provide you with all the necessary information for your bookkeeping and your tax advisor.
  • Who assumes the tax liability and the risk of a VAT audit abroad?
    We do!
    ClearVAT fully exempts you from all VAT obligations in the country of delivery.
  • What if I operate a warehouse abroad? Amazon FBA, for example.
    ClearVAT is intended for merchants selling cross-border. Currently, the sale of goods through foreign warehouses and existing local registrations in the destination country cannot be processed via ClearVAT.

Certified security
for your business

BaFin Logo

ClearVAT is a brand of eClear AG. eClear AG is authorised to provide payment services and is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).


ClearVAT's accounting systems (GoB), tax logic and the entire software are certified in accordance with auditing standard 880 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany.

SAP Logo

We work on SAP S4/HANA and are SAP certified.

SAP Certified Logo

ClearVAT runs on the latest SAP S4/HANA Core system with high-performance in-memory database technology and is certified by SAP.

The OSS - an alternative?
If you're thinking about the OSS, here's what you need to know:

  • Liability

    You declare in the home country, but you remain liable for tax in the country of destination despite OSS.
  • Money

    You pay in the home country, but the refund comes from abroad. This can take time.
  • Registration and declaration

    Your tax adviser can do this from 1 July 2021. However, he will then also be liable. Let's see if he'll cooperate.
  • Tax rates

    Ok, you report. But what exactly? Up to 300,000 exceptions on everyday products. Where do you get your tax rates from? You're liable for accuracy - for 10 years.

OSS vs. ClearVAT

Tax Rates
You get the right tax rates for your items.
Tax Assignment
The tax rates are assigned to the articles.
Tax Calculation
The tax rates are shown correctly per country in the checkout.
declare and
No more registration necessary.
Revenues are reported automatically
You want your refunds fast.
You are relieved of liability and communication with foreign authorities.

VAT-free delivery to all of Europe

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